What is The Tipping Point?

The Tipping Point for a technology is when reaches a point of wild popularity. Consumers are buying like crazy and the more reserved companies can no longer resist sitting on the sidelines missing a profitable opportunity so they enter the market. This is also the very point that, because of the additional companies entering the market, the consumer price of the product begins to drop under competitive market pressure. 

This is precisely what is occurring in the solar energy market. Now what consumer need to ask themselves is; as the price for solar technology comes down are the saving being passed on to homeowner or are they being wrapped up in some creative promotional program (ahem! No cost solar?).

The time could not be better for homeowners to investigate solar energy. The technology is field tested. It is highly reliable and the rewards are healthy.

Call Frank and ask him to show you all of the benefits to owning a green energy, solar energy, system.