100% Shock Value!

Why are we so excited? Because for the very first time residential energy consumers can;

  • Support their local economy and job market through the use of "locally" created clean electric power.
  • Own their own green energy generation equiptment.
  • Slash their carbon footprint - 1+ ton of carbon/year on average minimum for the average family.
  • Lower their electricity bill over time.
  • Be rewarded for showing others how they can do the same.*
  • Support their favorite non-profit. Generate recurring monthly funding for their favorite non-profit using clean energy! Contact us about these exciting cost controlling energy options.
Do not be confused. This is a program that nearly any electric consumer*, home or business, can participate in, and with zero upfront cost. That's right! This is real energy, from a real energy company. No monthly fees, no subscriptions, no signup fees.
*(no investment required - home owners, renters, and business owners are all eligible) 

How it works?
It's simple. Select it, use it, pay for it. Done.

Really? Monthly rewards to customers? Why would an energy company do such a thing?
Well, the tide is turning. Our children have grown and are operating businesses, and they fully understand the need to go green and, equally important, to create more American jobs. They know the public desires environmentally friendly products but they also know that to reach every possible consumer that some education is required. So, what better of way to reach consumers than by creating a rewarding incentive for them to spread the word about renewable energy and the impact it will have on their environment and their economy.

What you get in return?
You save, significantly reduce your carbon footprint, create local jobs, and if you wish to add a little extra effort educating others – you can earn, help your local economy, and even support your favorite non-profit.