Solar Energy made simple

Are you looking for a Solar Energy System for your home or commercial building in the Billerica Massachussetts area? Are you curious about the benefits of reducing your cost of electricity, your carbon footprint, and your toxic byproduct footprint associated with fossil fuel based energy? Are you concerned with all the options in solar products - which offer the highest quality and who will be around 10 or 12 years from now to back their warranty? Are you looking for an expert energy veteran to guide you through the maze of options and offer unbiased options that are designed to benefit you and the environment both short and long term? Well, you are about to speak to the right person.

Did you know that the Earth receives 200,000 times more solar energy than we consume every single day! Well, at Tipping Point Green we say; put on your favorite pair of sun specs and let's make use of this energy to lower your energy costs and eliminate some of your carbon/toxic footprint by installing a solar energy system on your home or office.

Solar Energy for your home or commercial building in Billerica MA can be offered in a number or ways.

  1. Solar Energy System Purchase. In this model, it's simply the old fashion way of doing business. The property owners writes a check and they own the solar energy system. Once the system returns all of the invested money (in the form of tax credits and energy credits and energy generated - all in all usually 7 to 10 years) the system owner gets free energy for the remaining life of the system (~20 to 25 years).
  2. Solar Energy PPA (the Purchase Power Agreement). In this way there is no out of pocket expense incurred by the property owner. They get a reduced rate on energy, the planet gets a break as this system generates no carbon to product electricity, and property owner has no worries of system malfunction, or underproduction, or maintenance. Nice deal, yes? And if you're a non-profit it gets even sweeter - just ask us how.

Each solar installation we specify is performed by our fully licensed, insured, and highly experienced 15 year solar industry veteran, our partner Big Sky Solar. When we've completed your solar PV system in Billerica the world can breath a little easier - and all be because you said YES to green energy.

Call Frank for details. Estimates, quotations, and education, is always complimentary.

We sell, install, and service solar panel systems in Billerica MA, Chelmsford MA, Tewksbury MA, Burlington MA, Bedford MA, Wilmington MA, Concord MA, and all of the other fine communities that make up Middlesex County Massachusetts.