Business and Commercial: Energy Conservation Consulting covering the application of system automation and energy use and selection best practices. Specializing in reducing the penalty costs associated with poor electrical load management and the selection of the best energy generation supplier.

Commercial entities have had the benefit of shopping for their electricity since 1998. I have been assisting energy and facility managers in this space in making the right choices for their bottom line, the local economy, and the environment.

In short, we help our clients purchase the best energy, and energy solutions, at the best price, while supporting the local job market, AND use only the amount of energy they absolute must therefore reducing energy waste and cost.

Residential and Small Business: Until just recently there was little I could do to help residential and small business electric consumers in Massachusetts go greener while spending less on electricity or natural gas. However, now I can assist residential consumers achieve the same competitive benefits as those of my commercial clients lowering their electric rates, but with the added benefits of being cleaner energy, and added support for their local economy. Regarding Free residential services, I continue to provide residential consumers with all the information that I have at my disposal regarding the many free products and services consumers have access to via their local utility to improve the energy efficiency of their living space - owned or rented. Consumers do not normally think in term of producing their own electricity on location, but with today's green technology (eg: Solar Energy) this is what people are doing all the world over! And they are doing it without investing a penny of their own money. No risk, no maintenance, all reward.

Educational programs:

Business and Commercial: Education and training for commercial audiences with regards to energy use and best practices is available upon request.

K-12 & Community: As a part of community support program I am available at no cost for short classes and seminars specifically designed to the age group of the audience. I've worked with classes as young at 10 and as old at 80. I cover topics from the basics of fossil fuel (source, use, community and employment impact, environmental impact, economic impact, and conservation) to exposing the audience to, and challenging them with, out-of-the-box energy solutions that will pull us closer to the Clean Energy Tipping Point

Please contact me for details regarding either educational need.

Non-Profits: If you are or know of a non-profit interested in projecting a positive environmental message while at the same time generating reliable regular fundraising we can donate the required resources to create a truly unique sustainable green fundraising program that will benefit the consumer, the environment and the local job market.

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