Electrical Load Management is often a topic overlooked in most commercial operations even though the shear act of monitoring a facility's load could reduce their energy expenses a by 10%, 15% or even 20%.

If you have a commercial facility where a large amount of the electrical load is based on mechanical equipment driven by electric motors (Refrigerators, Freezers, Mixers, Air Conditioning, dehumidifiers, production belts, compressors, etc) you are likely paying more to your utility than need be. If you believe your facility falls into this category call and we will explain to you a process that will address these issue with a payback of 24 months, usually less, - and we'll guarantee it!

What will be done and how? We start with understanding your facility with an extensive audit. Then we provide guidance on technology that will make the difference. 

  • Real Time Monitor Kw, Amps, Power Factor, and THD
  • Dynamically balance sub loads, correct power factor in real time, and unlike other dynamic PF correction technology, without adding to your facilities THD.
  • Aids in correcting Voltage lag, reducing heat and allowing motors to provide more power while consuming less Amps.
  • Identifies electronic damaging harmonics, automatically correcting some, and providing specific data allowing you to correct the remainder.
  • Reduces motor heat and wear extending life.
  • Provides early warning for failing motors so your processes are not shutdown by a surprise failure.
  • (for those with interest in Building Automation) All technology shares data to optimize BAS performance.

Stop paying more for electricity than you need to be, call today for a free system evaluation.