The benefits of being a Green Energy Partner

At Tipping Point Green our goal is to education consumers and businesses on the ease of switching to affordable greener energy, and we're willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. To achieve this goal we've become somewhat creative in our programming.

First; the Green Energy Affinity Program: At Tipping Point Green we've developed an Affinity Program that is highly socially responsible. One that will benefit your organization, members, environment and economy at numerous levels - not just the short-sighted approach of best price - although if best price is the top priority we have that too (only with us, you'll still be going green!)

A Tipping Point Green Energy Affinity Program creates simple access to lower electricity rates with use that will reduce your carbon footprint, create local sustainable jobs, support the local community, and much more.

Depending on your location, your Green Energy Affinity Program, along with offering your group low electricity rates, could generate substantial Tipping Point Fund Dollars which you can direct as to your liking – employee appreciation programs, employee vote directed to support a local non-profit or in support of scholarship funding, etc. As you can see, the ability to be creative and stay socially responsible is completely within your reach.

If you believe your organization would like to be a part of a socially responsible affinity program that provides member benefits, corporate benefits, environmental benefits, and local economic benefits contact us today.

Benefits Revenue uses Promotional tools
Save money over time
Reduced carbon foot print
Creates local jobs
Philanthropic potential
No employee cost
Morale Builder:
  • environmental
  • economic
  • sustainability
Employee benefits
Support for a non profit
Scholarship funding
A little of each
Employee presentation
Brochures and fliers
Custom Web Link
On-site support

Second: Small business looking for more; You're a small business and you want more customers. Via our association with More Local Calls we just might be able to help with that. Contact us now and ask us how collaborating with Tipping Point Green will guide more customers toward your business.

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