Answer "Yes" to any of the following? If so, we really should be talking.

  • Are you looking for a rewarding eco-friendly career?
  • Are you looking for supplemental income for,,,, what ever?
  • Would you like to change a tax liability into a asset AND cleanup the environment?

At Tipping Point Green our team is growing daily and we need bright, aggressive, people-friendly, and highly motivated individuals who are intrigued by learning or earning or both! We also demonstrate how one can put their money to work in the area of green tech in a very creative, rewarding, and community supportive manner outside of their own backyard or roof.

Question: Could you see yourself saying the following to any energy consumer?

  • "Would you consider going green if your electricity costs were 20% less? How about 50% less? How about 75% less?" That's right, you could be promoting products that offer statements this powerful.

- - or - -

  • "Has your accountant made you aware of the financial benefits, opportunities, and returns in the area of Green Tech?" (in his/her defence, they may not even be aware these opportunities exist outside of ones own roof. If you don't think they are setup a meeting.)

The Alternative Energy industry is changing the landscape of how energy is produced, bought, sold, and consumed. In the process these changes are creating vast opportunities in many fields such as reselling, construction, system maintenance, and education. 

When a market is this young the opportunities are vast, so if you want to learn more about this new and exiting market we urge you to contact us.

If you have ever wished that you were alerted early to a new market as it was just unfolding and developing, when opportunities are the most bountiful, then now is the time to investigate how you could play a role (consuming, supplying, or investing) in Alternative Energy.