Are you making these mistakes?

  • Are you paying for electricity?
  • Is someone offering to lease your roof for a No Cost Solar plan? 
  • Are your electricity dollars creating clean, local, healthy, jobs?

Together we will create positive change

Our founder Frank Urro has spent his entire professional career designing and delivering solutions that promote positive environmental change, more local jobs, and better value to the consumer. His goal is to create affordable solutions that push America toward that Tipping Point of clean, cost competitive, job/wage friendly energy. To reach our goal of energy independence we must inform consumers how we can work together to reach a point where energy fuels the local economy instead of squeezing the economic blood out of it.

How to save

We are here to help you understand this process and put money in your pocket at the same time. If you currently live in MA, or NH contact us and we'll explain to you how consumers now have a landmark option to produce their own energy more affordably than buying it. Here is what we can show you:

  • Learn how to eliminate your electricity cost.
  • Learn how to go 100% green.
  • Learn how your electricity can create clean, local, healthy, jobs
  • Learn what the Clean Energy Tipping Point is and how important your choices are to us reaching it.
  • Learn the difference between Renewable Energy, Green Energy, and Zero-Toxin energy. If you think any are equal guess again.
  • Learn how residential consumers can own their electricity generator and reap all of the rewards. (This is way better than those No Cost home solar programs)

Contact Frank today!