Power with a Sense of Community

We are all aware of the community benefits of green energy and we believe that every business, small or large, should be supporting their customer's local economy. If you would like to understand the details of just how powerful energy can be in this effort you should call us now. Your customers will respect you, your community will become more profitable, and you'll increase your bottom line.

Class for kids and supporting non-profits

Non Profit Support:

Non-profits are vital to the life blood of every community because they are present during good times and those not so good times. Their efforts are often vital toward holding a community together, access to education, and often times they are the driving force behind a community's passion for the arts, the environment, and human and animal rights. And last but not least, they are particularly helpful at staying strong during difficult time.

We support non-profits in a very creative and sustainable way, and if you are, or you know of, a non-profit that could use additional support, we urge you to call or write now.

If you would like us to assemble a fundraising mechanism for your organization or community contact us.  We will come to your location and explain to your group how the program works, the energy options at your disposal, and how a clean energy alternative can become a valuable component of your financial support while also supporting the Clean Energy Tipping Point.

Environmental Classes for kids!

The founder, Frank Urro, believes that kids are the driving force to solving our energy problem. Therefore, Environmental Classes For Kids of all ages (starting around age 9) that focus on energy is crucial. He has been invited to speak and teach on a number of occasions on the topic of Understanding Where Our Energy Comes from. His informative and yet down to earth nature educates, but more importantly inspires, the children to solve this problem. If you would like an educational event held at your location, please, contact us today.