I am a technologist, Northeastern University Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering with a minor in Biology. I am also an energy visionary with a strong sense of family. I enjoy working hard, and laughing harder. To live in closer unison with our Earth I believe that humans need not sacrifice most of what they crave in the way of creature comforts, they only need to be more conscious about how they obtain them and what their consumer actions leave behind. 

Through my interactions I've learned that most people really want to do the right thing but they have simply fallen victim to mis-information. But I also believe the Internet is changing all this rapidly. I personally have used the Internet, likely thousands of times, to educate both myself and show others how they can do the same.

I have been a promoter of consumer environmental consciousness since High School when a teacher and mentor took me aside and explained to me what happens to old motor oil should you decide to dump it in the dirt, or worse - a water run off. The problem that challenged me the most; as I taught classes and seminars on the art of living lightly and understanding where our energy actually comes from, was that I was unable to direct my audience toward affordable eco-friendly consumable necessities so that they could join in on the Race to Zero Carbon/Toxin(c) without increasing the family budget.

For the residential consumer; today I am happy to announce that there are green energy products, one that saves you money (finally), and ones that reduced your carbon/toxin footprint more than most could ever imagine. 

For my commercial clients, I am here in my usual capacity as a Green Energy and Energy Conservation Consultant. However, it is time that residential consumers enjoy the same cost competitive benefits as that of commercial consumers and now I can promote these in good conscious as it can now be purchased with a strong green energy and local jobs component.

So, let's join together, commercial and residential consumers, and start doing what we do best, consuming! But this time, we're going to be consuming earth, job, and wallet friendly energy solutions! Whether you are a residential, small business, or commercial energy consumer (gas or electric) contact me now to get started saving money, and our future. And yes, switching is totally free! Oh, and switching back is free also, but I've never met anyone that has.

Understanding how it all fits together makes it that much more enjoyable. 



Please join in on the Race to Zero-Toxin(c), its more fun than you could possibly imagine.