NO MONEY DOWN SOLAR ENERGY? Ok, now ask yourself:

  • How can they make such an amazing offer?
  • How much am I giving up?

Tipping Point Green specializes in guiding energy consumers toward sustainable energy solutions that puts money the owners pocket (that would be you) day in and day out. And sustainable energy means a cleaner environment, elimination of those Out of Control utility costs, and energy that gives back daily to your local community and its economy.

Are you still buying electricity the old fashion way?

  • Have you eliminated bloated electricity prices from your budget? 
  • Is your electricity coming from sources that preserve your financial and environmental future?
  • Are you aware of the incentives to own your very own clean energy solar system?
  • Are you aware that your power company will pay you to generate electricity? 

If you answered "NO," to any of the above, you may want to take just a few moments to learn how easy, and gratifying, the solution is; not to mention how much green our team could save you. Many of the upgrades are easy and some are no cost. If you've ever said, I'd love to reduce our energy costs, or eliminate our carbon/toxic energy footprint, OR I wish I didn't have to pay for energy month in and month out, then a conversation with Frank at Tipping Point Green would be well worth having.

What are your options?

In our minds there is only one honest option (we wouldn't do it any other way): Add your very own solar clean energy power plant on your roof or on your property. This means that "you" would now be an energy generator! You become part of the new energy economy! And best of all, your local utility wants your help so they will pay you to do this. What technology? How about solid state highly reliable solar PV? You can't currently afford it? Not a problem, we can define a program that delivers to you all the benefits of clean locally produced energy without any of the upfront cost AND you still get all the BIG benefits of ownership!

If going green is the task at hand, that's not complex. It is not time consuming. And in the long (or even short) term, it is not costly. This is a choice - and everyone wins.

Contact us today and ask how you can begin saving on your energy costs.

Massachusetts Areas Served:

Billerica, Burlington, Wilmington, Tewksbury, Bedford, Acton, Concord, Carlisle, Chelmsford, Tyngsborough, Littleton, Groton, Acton, Maynard, Ayer, Andover, Dracut. Contact us for location details